I just got out of a very stressful relationship with a woman who thought she knew more about being a man than I did! Now that I’m free, I’ve started thinking about how I see the fine art of being a man, and most of my ideas are just too good to not share, so I decided to start a blog on the subject of manliness as I see it.

Once upon a time, no one had to tell a man how to be a man because he was constantly surrounded by men who knew how to be men. Now everyone is trying to tell us how to be men and most of them are wrong! Their advice ranges from the cliche’ to the asinine to the deadly.

First off, a real man doesn’t let anyone tell him he doesn’t know how to be a real man, not even this blog! If you were born with a  “y” chromosome, you have everything you need to be a man. This blog is meant to give you ideas for expressing the manliness you have, not to give you something you’re lacking.

I hope this blog will stimulate some lively discussions in the comments. Just keep in mind that while a real man doesn’t shrink from confrontation, he also doesn’t act like an ass for no reason, so keep your comments basically respectful and we’ll all get along great. If, on the other hand, you’re just being a jerk, I’ll delete your stuff. Fair enough?

Some of my posts will be controversial, this means that they should challenge you in the way you think. I don’t go out of my way to offend people, but a real man is honest about what he thinks so there will inevitably be some folks who are offended by what I say. Some of the best advice I’ve ever received is this, “If you’re not pissing anyone off, you’re not doing a good enough job of communicating your message.” So if you’re offended by something I say, I want to thank you in advance for confirming that I’m doing a good job communicating my message.